About Us

'With a passion for painting' means we are here to save the customer money on their painting projects by minimizing future maintenance or adding value to their property.

If you are skeptical or our construction culture's temporary approach and have been disappointed by highly recommended contractors, you are in the majority.  It is time for a cool change with Peace Painting Co.

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Why are we 'the fixers'?  It's the men, the methods and the materials.

It's the men: Our men are trained employees, not subcontractors; this is huge.  The consistent finished product of an employee over a subcontractor can not be overstated.  Because we use only employees, we are to be trusted.

It's the methods: Training and supervision are essential.  When there is a problem, it can be traced to a lack of these practices. 

It's the materials: We are on a constant quest for the most effective tools and materials for any number of applications. 

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